Mexican Menu....$26-34

Sizzling Fajitas (fa-hee-tas) (V)
A very traditional Mexican recipe passed down through the generations, our Mexican trained chefs have perfected this dish for your enjoyment. Vegetable or Marinated beef ..chicken..or mixed strips with capsicums & onion ready to roll in your warm tortillas and enjoy. Served on a sizzling plate with frijoles, rice and salad cup..* add sides of guacamole, sour cream, fresh lime, or cheese ?

Nachos Supreme (W) (V)
YUM! Huge plate of tortilla chips smothered in oven baked cheese topped with your choice of chicken, beef, or frijoles.... loaded with fresh Guacamole Salsa and sour cream .spice it up with jalapeño peppers ..just ask!

Chicken and Sweet Corn Burrito (W)
Flour tortilla filled with chunky roast chicken and sweet corn. Baked in our wood fired oven served with Mexican rice, frijoles and Mexican salad cup.

Enchilada Supreme (W)
Two rolled corn tortillas filled with your choice of spicy stringy beef or Mexican chicken. Smothered with salsa and cheese and baked in the wood fired oven, served with all the Mexican trimmings.

Burrito del Mar (seafood)
Flour tortilla wrapped around our seafood mix of prawns, scallops,& crab meat in our rich mornay sauce, baked in the wood fired oven & topped with mornay and all the Mexican trimmings.

Burrito Supreme (W) (HOT)
Flour tortilla filled with traditional spicy Mexican chilli con carne.... a mix of Chilli beef, Frijoles sundried tomato...our secrets and of course chilli’s, smothered in Ranchero salsa & cheese, baked in our wood fired oven Served with Mexican salad cup, rice and frijoles.

El Toro Carne
Butt fillet steak 350g... cut Mexican style and cooked to your liking, served on a sizzling platter. Traditional spicy Ranchero sauce. With all the Mexican trimmings.

Albondigas (HOT)
For those who like it hot..... Spicy Mexican meat balls. It takes a combination of Pork, beef & chicken, rolled together with a mix of Mexican herbs & spices to make these tasty little meat balls Served on a bed of Mexican rice & smothered in spicy Ranchero sauce, salad cup & tortilla chips.

Yucatan Burrito (V) (W)
Mexican flour tortilla filled with imported Mexican Pinto beans (Frijoles) with tomato salsa, cheese Spanish onion & roast capsicum, topped with salsa and cheese and baked in the wood fired oven, served with Mexican salad cup & rice.

Carne Supremo
300g beef cutlet Marinated in soy and slow cook for 5 hours and smothered in spicy Mexican Ranchero sauce and served with all the Mexican trimming ...tender ...tasty ..... spicy.

Chilli Con Carne (HOT)
Spicy traditional Mexican style stew with our own Spicy stringy beef and imported beans mixed with lots of secrets and of course chillies...served on a bed of Mexican rice.... or fresh flat field mushroom surrounded with tortilla chips and Mexican salad cup.

Flour tortilla triangles basted with blackswamp Cajun butter, filled with either our spicy stringy beef or Mexican chicken & cheese, baked in the wood fired oven and presented with all the Mexican trimmings & salad cup.

Yum ! Mexican flour tortilla envelopes filled with spicy stringy beef or Mexican chicken, fried till golden brown, served with, dips rice frijoles & Mexican salad cup.

(W)-Cooked in the wood fired oven.